Flat Tops
Triple Kriple
Ape Attack

Eau Claire


  Team W-L-T PCT PF PA Strk High Points
Isotopes 10-4-0 0.714 510 443 1L 0.0
Ogrillons 8-6-0 0.571 543 535 1W 2.0
Flat Tops 7-6-1 0.536 584 557 2W 0.0
Ape Attack 3-11-0 0.214 474 608 2L 0.0


  Team W-L-T PCT PF PA Strk High Points
Triple Kriple 8-6-0 0.571 616 452 1L 5.0
Ogilthorpe 8-6-0 0.571 525 470 2W 1.0
Gouda in Your Pootah 7-6-1 0.536 487 497 2L 1.0
Maulers 7-7-0 0.500 433 608 1W 0.0


  Team W-L-T PCT PF PA Strk High Points
Barbarians 8-6-0 0.571 551 486 3W 0.0
Quack Attack 6-8-0 0.429 449 514 1L 0.0
Denzine 4-9-1 0.321 556 611 1W 0.0
Wala Wala Wizards 4-10-0 0.286 446 522 4L 0.0


  Team W-L-T PCT PF PA Strk High Points
No More Fudge 11-3-0 0.786 668 458 3W 2.0
Suds 8-6-0 0.571 594 496 2W 2.0
Defecation 6-8-0 0.429 502 581 2L 1.0
Minions of Scoop 5-8-1 0.393 450 550 6L 0.0

Week: 3 Schedule

Visiting Team Home Team
Suds vs. No More Fudge
Flat Tops vs. Isotopes
Triple Kriple vs. Maulers
Barbarians vs. Wala Wala Wizards
Quack Attack vs. Denzine
Ogilthorpe vs. Gouda in Your Pootah
Defecation vs. Minions of Scoop
Ape Attack vs. Ogrillons

Transactions for Week: 3

Owner Player TXN Type Date
Minions of Scoop Jacoby Brissett Drop Player 09/20/2017 05:18:57 AM
No More Fudge Jermaine Kearse Add Player 09/20/2017 08:00:48 PM
No More Fudge Chris Ivory Add Player 09/20/2017 08:07:09 PM
No More Fudge Terrell Watson Drop Player 09/20/2017 08:08:06 PM
Ogrillons Phillip Dorsett Add Player 09/21/2017 04:49:19 PM
Triple Kriple Younghoe Koo Drop Player 09/21/2017 04:49:22 PM
Triple Kriple Greg Zuerlein Add Player 09/21/2017 04:49:22 PM
Barbarians Vance McDonald Drop Player 09/21/2017 04:49:29 PM
Barbarians Benjamin Watson Add Player 09/21/2017 04:49:29 PM
Minions of Scoop AJ McCarron Add Player 09/24/2017 02:50:19 AM

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about 1 month ago...
So I can't submit my lineup for some reason...all it says when I try is that something went wrong. So here it is tentatively for now...Rodgers, Howard, Hunt, Crabtree, Gabriel, Allen, Bryant and Bears. Keenum is my reserve.
about 2 months ago...
Defense wins championships! The Isotopes just don't allow points against. Also Monkey's team is way better in the EC league, check it out.
about 2 months ago...
I guess the luck factor, which is about 75% of this hobby is nowadays, is on my side. Kind of like Benny and the Jets in the other league. Not as extreme there but still a lot of luck involved.
Ape Attack
about 2 months ago...
How does Electric have the best record in the league. I would say he has arguably the worst team on paper?
about 2 months ago...
Mike Davis isn't showing up on my roster(under submit lineup) but I picked him up last week. I think he's listed as a FA and not a Seahawk.
3 months ago...
Only lost Watson and Elliot this week, no big thing
3 months ago...
Anyone want an upgrade at kicker? I have two of the best in the league in Butker and Lutz and Lutz has already has his bye week. Looking to upgrade at RB, WR, or TE and willing to do combo deal.
Minions of Scoop
3 months ago...
Anyone interested in RB McKinnon? Make me an offer. I need a WR or TE.
Minions of Scoop
4 months ago...
I suppose I should have added that the Raiders lost 27-0. Brutal.
Minions of Scoop
4 months ago...
I feel like the football gods owed me one. Who could forget the time I was tied with Ogrillons going into Monday night on or about 1995. His team was done. I had Jeff Jaeger. All I needed was an extra point for the W. Raiders got in field goal range once or twice and elected not to kick a FG. Not that I remember that. Nor do I remember that Mike White was coaching the Raiders. Or that Mike Shanahan got his revenge on Al Davis. I'm still bitter about that tie. Cost me a playoff spot. Frickin Chad. I hate Ogres.
Minions of Scoop
4 months ago...
The Saints have no business shutting out anybody. Leave it to Jay Cutler.
4 months ago...
Not sure what is grosser - Denzine getting a shutout from the Saints defense or Minions of Scoop getting the sick defensive TD from the Chiefs to end Monday night football...probably the Chiefs
Wala Wala Wizards
5 months ago...
All teams should be updated. Please let me know if you see any problems. I will updating the survivor pool picks tonight.