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Attention owners: it's time to draft your teams. To recap the outcomes of the fantasy league since the esteemed Sam Barby became commissioner 21 years ago, the champions have been:

  • FFL BOWL I: Isotopes
  • FFL BOWL II: Lonnie’s Leprechauns
  • FFL BOWL III: Wala Wala Wizards
  • FFL BOWL IV: Quack Attack
  • FFL BOWL V: Suds
  • FFL BOWL VI: Quack Attack
  • FFL BOWL VII: Quack Attack
  • FFL BOWL VIII: Isotopes
  • FFL BOWL IX: Isotopes
  • FFL BOWL X: Barbarians
  • FFL BOWL XI: Ogrillons
  • FFL BOWL XII: Isotopes
  • FFL BOWL XIII: Defecation
  • FFL BOWL XIV: Suds
  • FFL BOWL XV: Triple Kriple
  • FFL BOWL XVI: Barbarians
  • FFL BOWL XVII: Barbarians
  • FFL BOWL XVIII: Quack Attack
  • FFL BOWL XIX: Minions of Scoop
  • FFL BOWL XX: Defecation
  • FFL BOWL XXI: Gouda in your Poudah
  • FFL BOWL XXII: Wala Wala Wizards

This year the league will consist of 16 teams. There will be 4 divisions of 4. The four division winners will be joined in the playoffs by 2 wild card entries. The first wildcard will be the highest scoring team that does not win a division, followed by the team with the best record that did not win a division. If the first wild card is also the team with the best record that did not win a division, then both wild cards will be based on records. The tie-breaker is the following: most points scored, most points allowed, then NFL rules.

The league fee is $50, and each transaction prior to opening day is free. NO WINNINGS WILL BE PAID OUT UNTIL ALL LEAGUE FEES ARE COLLECTED. The trade deadline will be before the first kickoff for week 11.

The scoring for this season will be as follows:


Distance Value
0-29 yards 4
30-59 yards 6
60+ yards 9


Distance Value
0-29 yards 6
30-59 yards 8
60+ yards 9


Distance Value
0-29 yards 6
30-59 yards 8
60+ yards 9


Distance Value
0-19 yards 2
20-39 yards 3
40-49 yards 4
50-59 yards 5
60+ yards 6


Distance Value
Safety 2
Touchdown 6
Shutout 5

There are performance bonuses on each individual NFL game during the week. This scoring will be based on the individual passing (2 points), rushing (3 points), receiving (4 points), and rushing/receiving combo (3 points) leaders for each game. A 2-point conversion is considered 2 points for all players involved.

Each team must have a starting line-up consisting of 1 QB, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 D. Each team will consist of 16 players, with a maximum of 3 team QB’s, K’s, and D’s. (The 3rd player at these positions cannot be drafted until the 11th round.)

The purse will be distributed as follows:

  • Highest team total - 5%
  • Highest individual total - 5%
  • Weekly team high score - $210 (14x$15)
  • Toilet Bowl winner - $20
  • Division winners - $80 (4x$20)
  • Playoff teams - $150 (6x$25)
  • Playoff win (Rd. 1) - $120 (4x$30)
  • Playoff win (Rd. 2) - $120 (2x$60)
  • Champion - $200 (approx.)

The sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth round picks from this year can be kept as next year's 3rd round pick for a fee of $5; two can be kept for next year's 2nd and 3rd round picks and $15; three can be kept for next year's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round picks and $35.

All line-ups must be in before any player involved plays for that week. For example, at RB you have Felix Jones. If you want to play him in your game for the week of Thanksgiving, he must be in your starting line-up before the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving. If you do not have him in your line-up before the kickoff of the Cowboys' game, then he cannot be in your line-up for that week.

No transactions made after the opening kickoff of the first game of the week can be in your lineup.